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TechStar goes beyond simply designing, monitoring, managing and supporting your IT systems. We strive to be a strategic business partner by providing solutions appropriate to your business, thorough reports and participating in business development planning in the same way an inhouse IT Department would be expected to contribute.


Our Partner Services Team provides the following services to leverage Information Technology to support your business.

Executive Report
An Executive Report is a concise and high-level document that provides essential information and insights relevant to a particular subject, typically tailored for senior executives and decision-makers. In the context of IT, an executive report may summarize the current state of IT systems, key performance indicators, strategic recommendations, or significant developments within the organization’s technology infrastructure.

Asset & Inventory Management Report
An Asset & Inventory Management Report is a document that outlines the details of an organization’s IT assets and inventory. It includes information about hardware, software, licenses, and other IT resources, providing a comprehensive overview of what is currently in use and how these assets are being managed.

IT Budget Preparation
IT Budget Preparation involves the process of planning and creating a budget for an organization’s information technology expenses. This typically includes estimating costs related to hardware, software, personnel, maintenance, and other IT-related expenditures.

Technology Business Review Meeting
A Technology Business Review Meeting is a periodic gathering where IT leaders and stakeholders discuss the organization’s technology strategies, objectives, and performance. These meetings provide a platform for aligning technology initiatives with business goals and ensuring that technology investments are in sync with the overall business strategy.

Ad Hoc IT Consulting/Questions
Ad Hoc IT Consulting/Questions refer to an on-demand service that allows individuals or teams within an organization to seek expert advice, guidance, or answers to specific IT-related queries or challenges as they arise. This service is flexible and responsive to the immediate needs of users.

Hardware/Software Procurement Assistance
Hardware/Software Procurement Assistance is a service that assists organizations in the process of acquiring new IT hardware, software licenses, or related technology products. It typically includes vendor evaluation, product selection, negotiation, and procurement support.

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