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Use the session code provided by your technician for remote support to your computer.

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  • Send your own help request.
  • Don't ask others to do it for you.
  • Start a new email for a new request or issue.

Request specific subject lines like the following for better workflow and mangement.

  • I can't open Outlook
  • I cannot print from QuickBooks anymore
  • I have a OneDrive file stuck in pending
  • I need my Gmail password reset
  • I need Adobe added to my computer
  • I clicked a link in an email by mistake. Is it a problem?
  • My computer is acting strange

Give as much information as you can and include the TechStar Asset Tag number (A1234) of the devices involved.

  • For incidents involving systems that had been working, tell us the device and app that is having the problem and describe what is happening (or not happening).
  • When requesting new services, be specific about what you need. Tell us the name of the application or the URL of the site you need access to.
  • For password resets, tell us what account you want us to reset.

Your assistance is often needed to complete a task, so it's helpful if you provide a call back number and/or a time frame you are available to work with us.

Sometimes an issue can reoccur. If that happens you may search back through our email and send a response on the email that addressed the issue earlier. This is where you help yourself with clear request-specific subject lines.

If you are not into searching your old emails you are welcome to send a new email and state that the problem has happened before.

  • Don't wait
    Some issues can be tracked but only if we receive the request in a timely manner.
  • Don't add others to the email.
    Your support request email becomes a ticket in our ticketing system. Tickets can only be owned by a single individual. Adding others to the TO: CC: or BC: lines will not include them in the support process and will complicate communications.
  • Don't request help and then vanish.
    We often need more information on the problem and require your assistance to access the machine. TechStar can not access your computer without your permission.