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Born amidst Minnesota’s chilly winters in January 2005, TechStar IT expanded into a second office in the verdant Pacific Northwest in 2019, settling down in Washington. Led by founder Paul Bunn, who moved his family across state lines for this new chapter, we now operate expanded business hours from 7AM-7PM PST Monday through Friday – great news for our nationwide customer base!

Our vision at TechStar? To swoop in as the ultimate IT sidekick to businesses far and wide. We revel in helping organizations unlock their full technological potential to boost the bottom line. From construction companies to school districts, we lend our talents to optimize operations and make tech work FOR you, not against you.

Our team consists of 7 uber-skilled technical warriors with 75+ years under their collective utility belts. We may not be the biggest IT outfit, but we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships and integrating like a missing puzzle piece into your crew. Our superpower? Innovating relentlessly and guiding you through new solutions while keeping things secure from cybervillains. Consider us your trusty tech sidekicks on this journey!

The TechStar staff is diverse in experience and expertise, and very personable.

Sarah V

Why TechStar?

Ditch the tech jargon and get crystal-clear solutions from our seasoned pros. Think Yoda, but with faster internet.

Forget agonizing hold times! Our lightning-fast support team tackles your tech woes before you can say “blue screen of death.”

No strings attached consultation? You bet! Get a roadmap to tech nirvana without spending a dime. Think of it as a tech fortune cookie, but way more useful.

We Tame the Tech Beast: Ditch the tech-induced hair-pulling. Our rock-solid processes bring order to your digital universe, so you can focus on what matters most.

We don’t just patch problems, we craft a winning tech roadmap. Think of us as your tech architects, building a future-proof digital fortress.

Get bite-sized brilliance with our quick tips and expert advice. Master the tech game, one hack at a time!

Find The Best Solution For Your IT Challenges

It all starts with a conversation, our team would love the opportunity to learn more about you, your organization, and challenges.

Our Mission

Empowering business through exceptional customer-centric IT services

Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses of all sizes thrive, empowered by seamless and reliable IT solutions. Our unwavering commitment is to place customer service as our top priority, ensuring that every interaction is marked by excellence, reliability, and a genuine desire to exceed our clients' expectations.

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