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5 Ways to protect your business from Cyber Security threats


5 Ways to protect your business from Cyber Security threats

Every day we see news about another company getting hacked. Think that your company isn’t a target? Think again!

There are automated bots and scans continuously looking for vulnerabilities in your security. The hackers goal is usually to get money either through holding your data hostage, or by selling your information (passwords, personal information) to others on the dark web.

1. Cyber Security training for users

I cannot emphasize this point enough. Think of it this way. You own a home, the security company has installed access control, alarms, camera’s and even oversized door locking mechanisms. However, when you leave for the weekend you left the front door wide open. Regardless of how good the security implementation, it’s only as good as the weakest link… typically humans.

TechStar offers a cyber security awareness package for our customers that sends out weekly training videos (5 min or less). There’s an owner dashboard that shows the security score assessment for your business and users. This is reviewed on a regular basis with our customers to ensure ongoing education. Its recommended to review your staff participation during employee reviews.

2. Use Multi Factor Authentication

It used to be enough to have a complex and long account password, that is no longer true. Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) particularly for administrator users is now a must. While somewhat inconvenient, many of our clients are adopting MFA for all users while also implementing our easy IT Security training for users.

Consider the consequences if the wrong person accessed any of the following:

  • Microsoft/Google accounts
  • Banking
  • Financial Apps (ie: QuickBooks)

Securing your financial and line of business data is essential and we strongly advise you to be intentional and proactive here.

3. Don’t operate your computer as an administrator

It sounds simple doesn’t it? Unless managed by a team, many companies allow users to access their computers with full administrative rights because it is convenient. If a user needs to install an application, they can. However, because users are focused on fixing their problem – they will bypass basic security practices and install just about anything which opens up your environment to an attack.

Also, malware often tries to install registry keys, applications, and browser hooks to compromise the computer. By running as a restricted user, this will alert the user to the attempt.

TechStar has tools in place for secure, frictionless administrative access to the computer for your users.

4. Backup Strategy

Everyone preaches this, but there’s a reason! Data storage locations are either unmanaged or get changed. Finding out that data was mismanaged after the fact is a painful and sometimes “Close the Business” lesson. Assume that you will be compromised and your data stolen or encrypted. Make sure there is a plan to get your business running again with as minimal impact to the staff as possible. Regardless of how careful and diligent your security posture is, assume that a data restore will be required at some point.

5. Get a professional assessment

Oh no – I might have to pay for this!! The cost of an assessment is quite low and the insight it will bring you is incredible and brings peace of mind. Being intentional in business goes a long way towards lasting success.

Many times when performing assessments, I’ve heard business owners be amazed at how thorough and beneficial it was. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything, that’s why TechStar has a passion for technology and wants to help. Our assessments provide not only security but also overall technology recommendations for the business. Even if you don’t contact an expert, these other steps will significantly increase your security posture.

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