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Managed IT

Our Managed IT Agreements are tailored to suit the intricacies of your network environment.

Networks tend to take on a life of their own, growing and changing to meet your business needs and sometimes some extra needs requested by your employees. Your business may have started in simpler times with only a few computers with office software and maybe a server. Today, however, it has grown to include things like multiple types of workstations, applications installed on servers both local and cloud or even migrated to software as a service. New systems have been added to your network, like wireless access, security/camera system, building system management, and employee personal devices.

To complicate things further, cyber criminals have advanced their game to take advantage of network complexity and the naivety of employees in the workforce.

It’s important to note that without a deliberate strategy to handle complexity, technology will continue to expand over time, often allowing minor inefficiencies to rapidly escalate into major problems. Poorly managed IT often results in escalating expenses that do not provide a return in production.

TechStar offers network management, support and guidance to reduce system complexity so that your systems run smoothly. Meet your business needs and reduce employee confusion and down time with Managed IT.

    • Employee support to keep your team members happy and productive, even if they persist in their mindset that technology is “too hard” for them.
    • Device management to keep company desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers running like a well oiled machine locked behind security doors.
    • Application control to stop the avalanche of new and legacy apps from burying your team under layers of software and procedures that paralyze them.
    • Password management that removes the fear from the term “unique and complex password”, with easy to use tools to keep them safe. Some of your employees may even give up their sticky notes.
    • Data management to organize and protect the company data that is often hoarded by employees like squirrels stashing nuts. We will help collect the hoards of data and store them safely while giving your employees access to their own stashes for daily use.
    • Company policy patrol to put an end to the “wild west” IT culture, by setting clear rules and placing everyone in the right sandbox.
    • Create a cybersecurity awareness culture that deputizes all of your employees to assist in cyber security. Locks and laws only go so far without citizen awareness and enforcement.
    • Security to protect your office network and mobile devices when they are out in the wild beyond the protection of the firewall.
    • Device lifecycle management to support and secure your devices from cradle to grave, and give them a safe retirement when the time comes.
    • Provide communication solutions to help reduce confusion around who needs what information and which communication tool to use, based on defined company policies. Imagine a system that keeps employees informed, but only on the topics that affect them, avoiding an avalanche of unnecessary emails and messages.

The secret to working better with technology is simple…….….don’t complicate work with too much technology.

Streamline tools and policies to provide employees with simple and clearly defined processes to meet their unique job requirements and limit unnecessary clutter and destruction. Humans do not multitask well (no matter what we say), and tossing more tools with more bells and whistles only makes performing the important tasks more stressful.

Let TechStar show you how to put your employees back to work in your business.

General Questions

Some of the most common questions about the TechStar Managed IT Services offering.

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Included Services

We have your back! Our team of professional’s leverage years of experience, processes, and ongoing training to ensure that technology is a strategic advantage.

Network Monitoring

Ensure best practice security and network performance.

Network Management

Ongoing updates, asset tracking, and performance scripts for servers and end user devices.

Security Services

Security tools, protocols, and network security guidelines aligned with optimal practices for implementation within your organizational framework.

Backup Management

Complete data protection plans.

Help Desk

Fast & friendly support delivered consistently and securely.

Application Support

Support users with line of business applications.

Documentation Management

Detailed network and asset documentation to keep IT running smoothly.

Lifecycle Management

Recommendations or full-service procurement of equipment and software.

Client Engagement

From IT reports and strategy conversations to ensure IT alignment with corporate goals.

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Managed IT Services

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Clients Feedback

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Joe Homola
Joe Homola
October 9, 2021
Excellent service
Yvonne Hersey
Yvonne Hersey
September 4, 2020
The TechStar team is super! They keep us up and running every day with a cloud service. And we're in Washington state!
July 16, 2014
Our company has had the pleasure of working with Techstar IT Solutions for the past 8 years. They provide helpful, courteous, FAST, service every single time. As good of a job the company does on the technical side of things, the best thing Techstar has going for itself is its personable Staff. They will take the time needed to do the job right the first time, as well as explain how and why they are doing what they are doing to give you, the customer, complete transparency on what you are paying for. Many of us in the company like dealing with Techstar so much, that we use them for our personal computer IT needs outside of work as well. I would never hesitate to take anything to these guys. A+++ all around.
Minnesota Roadways Co
Minnesota Roadways Co
July 16, 2014
We have been using TechStar Solutions for our IT services for ten years. Their knowledgeable staff is quick to respond to any concerns that arise and their follow through is always thorough. They truly are a pleasure to work with.
craiglynn peterson
craiglynn peterson
July 10, 2014
TechStar has been our IT solutions provider for several years. Not only has TechStar provided maintenance and been on the forefront of problem solving to our technology infrastructure, TechStar has also been forward thinking and innovative in keeping our school system current with 21st century learning.