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Why the TechStar process can increase profits

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When working with new clients, they quickly discover that our team is very process driven to ensure quality and consistency with our service offering. Some examples includes network equipment standardization, asset labels, network documentation, and ticket escalation. SECURITY Cybersecurity is a bigger threat today than ever before. Alignment of current security industry best practices with key business goals ensures that you remain safe without sacrificing productivity in a rapidly changing threat landscape.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for key administrative accounts and recommended for all users.
  • Change management for certain ticket requests are escalated through the primary or secondary customer point of contact for approval.
  • Basic annual user cyber security training is available for all customers, with an upgrade option for more.
  • Active firewall security subscriptions
  • Password management tools such as BitWarden or Lastpass
ASSET MANAGEMENT Aged assets represent productivity losses due to reduced performance and unplanned downtime. Limit surprises and improve stability by implementing a lifecycle management plan.
  • Documentation is essential for effective management
  • Asset Tags are installed on all networked equipment
  • Full asset reporting available from installed computer agents and manual documentation
BUDGET FORECASTING In the small/medium business space, IT budgets are often overlooked. Ongoing strategic business reviews align the budget to the technology needs of the business without sacrificing the bottom line.
  • Budgeting for IT is an intentional process and improves business maturity
  • Strategic focus and avoid reactive solutions
EXECUTIVE (NON-TECHNICAL) REPORTING Technology details are distilled down and information is presented to executives in plain English. Key data points are highlighted or color coded to allow for educated decision making without the need to become a tech expert.
  • A SWOT analysis of key technology components showing vulnerability and strengths in the business
  • Discuss what needs to be changed or modified to improve user experiences
STRATEGIC PLANNING Through regular technology review meetings, leadership gains a better understanding of the risks and exposure related to information technology. By aligning risks with business needs and making decisions based on key data points, the leadership team can limit unnecessary IT spending and focus every dollar where it will make the largest impact on achieving business goals.
  • IT & Business Assessment takes a snapshot today with technology recommendations for the future
  • Ongoing strategic conversations during scheduled business reviews
  • Value engineering of solutions to not only save money but improve workflow and reduce bottlenecks
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